Uncover gaps and opportunities to optimize recurring revenue growth

Apply a universal methodology and process across your entire customer journey

Activate through defined processes and playbooks, implemented directly into your workflow

Arm your reps with the core skills for success, with a common language to unify as one GTM team

Provide teams with ongoing development to make change stick, gauge progress, and reach your goals

Our Process – Design

Process & Playbook Design

Our approach

Optimize your revenue by applying a common language across all GTM teams, with a universal methodology, all codified into measurable best practices at a global scale.

  • A common language – so that when teams speak with each other, there is fluid movement of information rather than boundaries
  • A universal methodology – this unites the entire lifecycle, and makes the customer journey a seamless and well-orchestrated experience across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success
  • Codified best practices on a global scale – in documented processes, playbooks, content, and systems
  • A standardized way to drive and measure accountability at both the manager and the individual contributor level”


The details

All of this can be achieved with a clear process, vetted strategies, and well-defined GTM playbooks. Give your customer-facing teams and managers clear directions for exactly how to deliver impact their customers, with visual turn-by-turn directions that they can start use right away.

The typical process redesign and playbook (whether for Sales, Marketing, or Customer Success) includes:

  • Clear direction for how to execute at the key moments of the customer buying process
  • Definition of your relevant process stages
  • Customized blueprints that visualize each key moment in your process
  • Turn-by-turn directions for your reps at each stage of the process
  • Identification of clear entry and exit criteria at each stage
  • Alignment of content and skills to each stage
  • Best practice recommendations on how to implement the playbook

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