Align your GTM executive team to one impact-focused customer journey, and prioritize the opportunities that can impact your business

Apply a standard operating model that reps and FLMs need to execute as one unified org

Upskill reps and FLMs with the key skills that they need to succeed in their roles, with interactive private or public courses

Create behavior change that actually sticks, with active coaching on real customer scenarios and deals

Increase your team’s sales productivity over the long term with scalable, ready-made enablement programs and ongoing public courses

Our Process – Design

Process & Playbook Design

Our approach

Optimize your revenue by applying a common language across all GTM teams, with a universal methodology, all codified into measurable best practices at a global scale.

  • A common language – so that when teams speak with each other, there is fluid movement of information rather than boundaries
  • A universal methodology – this unites the entire lifecycle, and makes the customer journey a seamless and well-orchestrated experience across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success
  • Codified best practices on a global scale – in documented processes, playbooks, content, and systems
  • A standardized way to drive and measure accountability at both the manager and the individual contributor level”


The details

All of this can be achieved with a clear process, vetted strategies, and well-defined GTM playbooks. Give your customer-facing teams and managers clear directions for exactly how to deliver impact their customers, with visual turn-by-turn directions that they can start use right away.

The typical process redesign and playbook (whether for Sales, Marketing, or Customer Success) includes:

  • Clear direction for how to execute at the key moments of the customer buying process
  • Definition of your relevant process stages
  • Customized blueprints that visualize each key moment in your process
  • Turn-by-turn directions for your reps at each stage of the process
  • Identification of clear entry and exit criteria at each stage
  • Alignment of content and skills to each stage
  • Best practice recommendations on how to implement the playbook

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