Uncover gaps and opportunities to optimize recurring revenue growth

Apply a universal methodology and process across your entire customer journey

Activate through defined processes and playbooks, implemented directly into your workflow

Arm your reps with the core skills for success, with a common language to unify as one GTM team

Provide teams with ongoing development to make change stick, gauge progress, and reach your goals

Our Process – Activate

Activation Services

Our approach

Teams get the greatest impact, and ultimately shortest ramp time, when all individual reps learn and then consistently apply the new processes. Activation ensures teams are informed and prepared to take the right actions as part of their workflow.

Whether it’s a process redesign, custom Salesforce implementation, or tool stack integration, everything we build is made to stick. Your team will understand how to apply any new processes and resources.


The details

Activation varies depending on the task at hand. Here are just a few ways that we can help you activate your investment:

  • Our frameworks and methodologies can be integrated into your call analytics software (such as Gong or Chorus), so that reps can easily apply the frameworks to every customer call
  • Custom playbook implementation guidance and workshops based on your playbooks to drive adoption
  • Our custom training courses and playbooks can be directly integrated into your LMS, to match your reps’ existing workflow.
  • Integration of email and call script cadences into your sales engagement platform of choice (such as Outreach or SalesLoft)
  • Integration of your Customer Success playbooks into your CS platforms (such as Gainsight or Totango), where CSMs and AMs can have the frameworks they need right within their existing workflow
  • Expanded support for more complex processes and multi-playbook activation, including assessment and recommendations for technology use

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