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Derek D. | CEO @ Pattern

Winning by Design, Sales Process Experts

“The WBD team are absolute experts in the sales process and execution space.”

John O. | Early Stage VC, Partner, Mentor to Entrepreneurs

Memo to every SaaS CEO and VP Sales

“Sales training and methodologies typically have a shelf life of 6 months to a year. I have run sales teams (inside and outside) and personally sold 300 mm in enterprise software Winning by Design is hands down the best I have experienced. It is like the everlasting gobbstopper of sales. 🙂 Unlike any other Sales methodology including (Strategic, Spin selling, Sandler) WBD is built and…”

Kyle P. | VP of Sales at Showpad

High Impact Sales Training for SaaS

“The format and the content focused on SaaS sales. Usually in sales trainings, you get two full 8 hour days of training and then the content is forgotten two days after the training is over. WBD takes a more effective approach: splitting up the sessions into many weeks to teach only a small amount at a time and to use the week in between sessions to use that skill and reinforce it. I also…”

Ruairi W. | Account Executive at Rainforest QA

First Sales Training I Ever Looked Forward To

“Jacco and Dan are enthusiastic teachers that spend a lot of time focusing on training their audience on a process, but don’t let themselves get bogged down making sure everyone follows it to a T. The philosophy they had during my WBD seminars was very much focusing on identifying areas where improvement could be made and giving practical steps on how to get from A to B.”

Dylan S. | Helping agile teams improve their development process

Account Executive Mid-Size Startup

“- To be an IC Sales Professional, this means there has to be a methodology, not just ‘that person is good at sales because [whatever BS person who is speaking gives]’. WBD adds sophistication and a methodology that is noticed by customers. – Genuine care put in by the Winning By Design team to help us – Many of the typical challenges and rebuttals that customers present they break down…”

Sarah A. | Rainforest QA

Highly Personalized Training

“The team took the time to know our business and our team members so that all of the training and coaching was immediately useful. The coaching also felt very foundational, something our relatively young team could use for years to build a solid customer centric business on and around.”

Christi W. | Head of Training at AdRoll

Impressive methodology, high-energy and passionate team!

“WBD are passionate about selling and their energy is absolutely contagious. Their customer-centric methodology is spot-on, robust, enterprise-level, and they provide clear, practical frameworks that are accessible and very followable. Their approach is something that can significantly elevate a sales org if deployed and implemented properly. The best investment we’ve made in our sales org…”

Steven S. | New Business at Twilio

Best sales training I’ve experienced

“Dan did an amazing job outlining the entire sales process from how to handle inbound leads, how to generate outbound leads, and the proper way to take initial sales conversation to close. He not only gave real life examples and examples based on his own experience, but helped our reps and leaders with current deals and process improvement. I’ve had the opportunity to work with JBarrows, MJ…”

Adam H. | Sales Operations Lead at Prezi

Consistent, positive sales coaching that sales reps can build their pitch around

“The training is very engaging and positive, while spending a few hours in a conference room can bog people down, WBD is able to make it interesting and keep the sales rep’s focus. They do a really good job of building from lesson to the next, which helps the reps retain the information from the first lessons on to the next ones. That organization and enthusiasm keeps reps engaged and grows…”

Aimee B. | Account Manager at DoubleDutch

Moving enterprise with WBD

“The energy the WBD team brought each week along with the hands-on training that used real day-to-day experiences to make this more relevant and useful. Sales training can often be the same idea just reiterated in a different way, shape, or form but I felt that WBD brought new ideas and a new perspective with a lot of helpful tips and tricks along the way. “

Jesse D. | Head of Agency Sales, North America at AdRoll

Highly Recommended

“The curriculum was a combination of the best takeaways from all of the traditional sales models.”

Jeremy S. | Account Executive at Xpenditure | Digital Expense Management | SaaS | FinTech |

Of Absolutely Great Impact

“The structure provided in every single training is tailor made to our needs, which makes every training interesting. In addition, the training does not end when the trainer leaves, but we continue to train internally, which allows us to look to ourselves and our colleagues critically. As a result, we grow very fast and as a team.”

Neil B. | Customer Success Coach at Showpad

The missing link to my Sales Training

“Delivery, pace, interactive sessions, reviewing through the whole process – So many best practices I wish I learned before – This course helped me close 2 deals where I was really struggling beofre – I have now taken theses practices into Customer Success”

Dave B. | Managing Partner & Marketing Strategist

Of Absolutely Great Impact

“First, to put it plainly, Jacco is an amazing person and sales strategy expert. He dedicates his focus to fully understanding your business needs and what your business does/solves for. He fully commits to finding out everything that needs to be known in order to effectively diagnose the current state of your business. From there, he and his team work their magic, providing valuable insights…”