From siloed sales function to full Revenue teamFrom rapid growth to sustainable growth


TakeBlip was on the cusp of transformation. They were at a critical point in the organization’s life where they needed to shift gears from an amateur sales team to a professional one.



Take Blip’s small team meant there was very little formal structure and coworkers were often stretched thin. This left the team less effective than they could be. When Take Blip started growing their team, they began investing more in sales, which highlighted the lack of structure in the organization and further exacerbated their existing pain points. They knew they needed training to fill in the gaps and a methodology that would help provide the professional process and structure that they were seeking.



Winning by Design’s Bowtie Data Model became a cornerstone for Take Blip. They used this to standardize their internal language for the organization across every department, including Sales, Marketing, Partnerships, Product Development, and Customer Success. By using the Bowtie, every department was now measuring the same metrics against the same model, where they could truly measure their efforts over time, track improvements, and identify areas that still needed more resources.

Since Take Blip’s first training engagement with Winning by Design, Take Blip’s opportunities have spiked 247%, their wins have shot up 298%, and their bookings have increased 300%.