From SMB to EnterpriseProduct-Led growth to enterpriseFrom Scale-Up to IPOGrowth stagnation to growth acceleration


While preparing for IPO, the Revenue team at Asana was seeing exciting growth in their revenue.



Leadership knew that they needed to prepare for the next phase of growth. Their CRO, Oliver Jay, recognized that their siloed structure, lack of a consistent sales methodology, and gaps in foundational skills needed to be solved in order to set up for future success.



By putting in place foundational skills and methodologies via a Training Academy, sales reps now had a clear sales process to follow, learned how to structure their limited time for efficiency, and learned new skills to fill their knowledge gaps.

Sales managers learned how to create a coaching environment across the sales floor, where peers could hold themselves accountable to the process. These foundations set up the Revenue team to use a consistent language and process, and were well prepared for meeting future growth expectations as a public company.