Align your GTM executive team to one impact-focused customer journey, and prioritize the opportunities that can impact your business

Apply a standard operating model that reps and FLMs need to execute as one unified org

Upskill reps and FLMs with the key skills that they need to succeed in their roles, with interactive private or public courses

Create behavior change that actually sticks, with active coaching on real customer scenarios and deals

Increase your team’s sales productivity over the long term with scalable, ready-made enablement programs and ongoing public courses

Our Process – Coach

Skills Coaching

Our approach

Skills Coaching ensures the highest possible ROI on your training investment. The coaching sessions help your reps truly master the skills they have learned in training, with hands-on use and active coaching on real customer scenarios, for behavior change that actually sticks for the long-term. Training alone doesn’t drive long-term adoption — but consistent reinforcement and practice does.


1. Skill Selection

We will partner with you to focus on one to two key skills covered in an associated training. This helps your team’s focus on the skills that will make the most impact. Skills covered can include one or more of the following:

  • How to Demo
  • Uncovering Critical Events
  • Account Research
  • Objection Handling
  • Asking SPICED Questions
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Diagnose
  • Storytelling
  • …and more


2. Skills Coaching

Learning a new skill is just the beginning. To truly make these skills stick and maximize the return on your training investment, we offer weekly Live Skills Coaching. This ongoing support is designed to transform knowledge into mastery. Our coaching sessions go beyond traditional training, providing your team with hands-on experience and active guidance in real customer scenarios. This immersive approach fosters lasting behavioral change, creating a workforce that continually excels.


Why choose Skills Coaching?

The key to lasting improvement after training is regular reinforcement and practice. Our weekly Skills Coaching isn’t just about teaching skills; it’s about embedding them into your team’s daily routine. The result? Skills that endure, deliver results, and lead to ongoing success.

At Winning by Design, we’ve made it simple to reach your full potential with our Skills Coaching program. We believe that mastering skills is at the core of your team’s success.

Unlock your potential with Winning by Design's live Skills Coaching.



How does Skills Coaching work and what makes it stand out?


1. Interactive Live Coaching Sessions

Experience the power of live coaching with six 1-hour sessions held every one/two weeks. These sessions are tailored to review and practice essential skills. As part of our collaborative learning environment, teams will engage in live cohort role plays, call listening and peer-to-peer learning providing real-world context for skill reinforcement.

2. Call/Email Review Coaching

Our expert coaches will review two to three call recordings or emails before each session. Managers receive weekly scorecards on skills reviewed, offering invaluable insights to help learners refine and enhance their approach.

3. Role-plays

Role-plays will be used during the session for practice. Using our frameworks, teams will conduct role-plays using key skills, ensuring learners rotate between the roles of customer, seller, and coach.

4. Diverse Coaching Topics

Our wide range of topics includes ACE + Agenda, Discovery Calls, Diagnose, Storytelling, Uncovering Impact and Critical Event, Performing a Demo, Writing Effective Email Communications, and more.

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