• Entering a new or expanded market segment(s) (e.g., moving upmarket)
  • Ability to operationalize and scale up Revenue teams to support rapid growth
  • Post-merger integration of multiple Revenue teams
  • Prep IPO requirements for forecast accuracy and consistent revenue performance

Three ways to engage to unlock revenue growth in your portfolio


The GTM Diagnostic evaluates your current state across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to find and prioritize growth levers for impact.

  • Evaluation of the company’s data model, GTM model, processes, technology, enablement, team skills, and organization structure
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of data extracts + team member interviews
  • 100-day growth plan with prioritized opportunities to unlock top-line growth, and detailed plan for how to successfully implement


Optimize and design the portfolio company’s GTM motions across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, aligning all teams on one consistent operating model.

  • Deliverables include: Focused Diagnostic, Playbook Design, and Activation
  • Applied to three specific areas of focus:
    • Marketing (account based, demand generation)
    • Sales (prospecting, closing)
    • Customer Success (renewing, expanding)
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Develop the fundamental skills for success across every customer-facing role by enrolling reps and managers into skill-based courses (delivered via open public courses, private courses, or cross-portfolio cohorts).

  • Align all teams (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success) on the fundamentals of recurring revenue
  • Empower teams with consistent proven frameworks to drive recurring impact for their customers, and recurring revenue for accelerated growth
  • Drive faster and more effective change management across the organization as they scale up their growth

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