Architecting Revenue Across Your GTM

To achieve scalable, sustainable, and durable growth, you first need to align your GTM team around a common language and common customer journey centered around recurring impact. This workshop aligns your GTM team around the principles of recurring impact, extends your funnel to a ‘Bowtie’ so that you can measure that impact, and starts the process of designing your integrated GTM motions.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Your business mapped out against the GTM Model and the Bowtie Data Model
  • A GTM Blink analysis of your existing GTM motions, with identification of potential problem areas and opportunities
  • Alignment across your team on what to prioritize
  • Guidance and agreement on next steps in order to drive incremental change against your KPIs

Our Go to Market Diagnostic Services Include

  • Overview of the following key frameworks: Revenue Architecture, The Bowtie Data Model, The SPICED Framework
  • Introduction of the GTM Model and how it applies to your business
  • Alignment on Impact and Critical Events for your customers
  • Application of the Bowtie Data Model
  • GTM Blink Analysis, with identification of potential problem areas and opportunities
  • Feedback Roundtable
  • Guidance and agreement on next steps

Key Steps for a Go to Market Diagnostic Strategy


Gather data

Review existing data and conduct collaborative workshops/interviews with your team to identify opportunities, potential threats, and gaps


Evaluate your business

Using the proprietary 90-point Sales as a Science™ framework


Review with key stakeholders

Conduct an initial pre-read of our findings with the champion and stakeholder team for initial feedback


Present and identify next steps

Review findings with the organization and prioritize necessary improvements