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For revenue teams to achieve sustainable growth, they must consistently use a set of frameworks across the key moments in the sales process. Use these these blueprints as the guide for your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams on how to have customer-centric conversations at every key moment across the customer journey. Observe how these blueprints are used and executed on, and use this to determine how the team can improve over time.

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Gain a better understanding of how experienced software buyers perceive your sales process, messaging, product, and pricing. Search the topics that are most applicable to your business and sales process. Use our research papers and training videos to understand complex sales processes; from structuring teams to measuring results and growth.

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Winning by Design books are authored by leading SaaS sales architects. The same team that pioneered and proved the detailed frameworks, templates, and guidance included in the books to achieve success in any customer-facing role. Books are available for all sales roles and we’re adding new roles as they become integral in the SaaS sales process.

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