Driving more growth from CS

Most SaaS teams are maniacally focused on new logos, while ignoring massive untapped profits that are right there in the existing customer base. Most Customer Success teams are barely scraping by, with no structure or proven frameworks to tie them together with the sales and marketing activities on the left side of the bowtie.

With a cohesive operating model, CS teams can finally reach their potential of driving sustainable growth and profit from the existing customer base.

View and download the resources below; they are available for all CS teams to be able to drive more sustainable growth from their existing customers.

The Customer Success Operating Model (CS-OM) fills the gap in CS-specific methodology with the following:


A common language

a consistent methodology that works across all teams and functions, with everyone using the same language, definition, terms.


A standardized data model

Data tracked and collected in the same way from department to department, with agreed-upon metrics that point all departments toward the same goal, with shared insights.r.



The ability of Marketing, Sales, and CS teams that operate at high velocity (classic in SaaS) to work together at speed, for sustainable growth at lower cost.

CORE ELEMENTS: Four core elements are threaded across the entire customer journey.
METRICS: Three kinds of metrics: volume metrics, conversion metrics, and performance metrics.
ONBOARDING: Specific motions and blueprints to guide for success in the Onboarding stage.
ADOPTION: The crucial actions to get right in the Adoption stage.
EXPANSION: Blueprints to expand existing customers to drive sustainable growth.
SKILLS: How to develop and implement the key skills at each stage in the customer journey.

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