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Are you frustrated with your GTM?

Lack of data on which conversion points to fix

Too few reps hitting quota

Unable to predict and forecast growth

No standardized data model

Do not know which GTM to invest in

Our NRR is not where it should be

Our ICP is not well defined

We need more expansion deals

Reps are lacking key skills

Revenue Architecture

There is a better way
to run your GTM



ARR year over year

MURAL achieved a shorter sales cycle, increase in enterprise account penetration, and increase in close rates.

How do you get a 2.5k+ field
organization of sellers to speak the same language?

You partner with one of the best in the business, Winning by Design, to deploy a singular sales methodology to better equip our teams.

Over the last 3 months, a small group of Sales Enablement leaders had the opportunity to learn a SaaS-focused sales methodology and how to deploy globally.

I am confident that through this
methodology, we will be able to level up as a sales organization and better drive #IMPACT with our clients.

Kim Ventura-Perkins

Senior Manager, Sales Enablement

I recently completed the ‘Mastership in Revenue Architecture’ course and can’t begin to tell you how useful it has been. As a revenue professional, understanding the baseline models of the revenue machine is crucial for success, and too often we spend our time downloading the ‘software’ of sales success without really getting to understand the ‘operating system’ that everything runs on. This is where the Revenue Architecture model kicks in.

This isn’t a course on ‘how to sell’ or ‘where to find your ICP’ – this is a course that covers the fundamentals of GTM model design and execution, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you have chosen to build a career as a revenue professional, you should consider this course an update to your core OS.

Richard McGuinness

VP of Sales EMEA

The ROI and results we’ve seen make WbD a top recommendation of mine. They truly understand the science behind sales and sustainable growth.

Jonathan Morgan

Chief Growth Officer


year over year growth

The most advanced and complete SaaS sales / GTM framework (and training) I’ve ever come across. PERIOD!

I’ve consumed all the most famous sales methods you can think of. But it always felt like the picture was incomplete and something was missing. That was until I discovered WbD and their unique YouTube videos. It literally blew me away and change my view on SaaS sales methodology. Forget about tricks to “close the deal” and wing it like the pro…If like me you’ve been longing for a sales training framework that breathe data, can reconcile all other methods you’ve learned about, put processes and models first, then your search is over.

David Collett

EMEA Referral Partner Manager

Few companies grasp and can impart the science behind selling like WbD. It’s not just about running after a deal or hitting a quota; it’s about embracing a system that fosters solid growth. Their scientific frameworks and customer-centric methodologies have proven invaluable in shaping our sales process and driving sustainable revenue. Simply put, they’ve equipped our team to excel and deliver consistently.

Gail Behun

Senior Director, Sales Enablement

It’s like we’ve now got a sales GPS that guides us through each step, with WbD’s SPICED methodology and Bowtie Data Model. We’ve become more scientific in our approach to sales – no more shots in the dark. Now we identify the right triggers to amplify sales performance effectively.

Axel Pierotti

Transformation & Innovation Lead

WbD seriously stepped up our sales game. They ran a full-on training fiesta with our Enterprise Sales crew and leadership. Before even diving in, they got real cozy with our sales data to tailor-fit the training. And oh man, was it interactive and totally not snooze city. Our team nailed down the essentials and they’re using those strategies with clients with great success. Thes guys have it down – the perfect blend of customer love and smart, data-driven strategies.

Cory Fosco

VP, Enterprise Sales


AEs, CSMs and Managers trained

We hit our annual company revenue goal at the end of August. And despite the current market forces, we’ve been able to further decrease our churn rates by working with WbD to revamp our playbooks and roll out training that unifies all of the GTM roles.

Tom Cheriyan

Sr. Dir. Revenue Enablement

A SaaS company is a revenue factory, with the GTM motions acting as its production lines.

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