Achieve Sustainable Growth Using Remote Sales Training & Customer Success

We help you design your go-to-market model and train your Sales, CSM, and Marketing teams for success.

Remote Learning Saas Sales Training

Our Sales Training Process


Uncover gaps and opportunities to optimize your revenue growth. We review processes against best practices and peer companies.


Give your team playbooks with turn-by-turn directions so they have an exact process and SaaS sales methodology to follow.


Train your sales consultants on the fundamental skills for success in each role.


Provide your team with active coaching so they can continuously improve.


Build improved frameworks into your business to create sustainable growth.


How to use the mathematics of sales to your advantage



The SaaS Sales Methodology – A Customer Centric Approach to Selling


What our customers have to say

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"Very valuable partner for any SaaS Scale-Up Chief Revenue Officer... WbD are critical partners in our journey in creating a customer-centric sales and CS methodology that got the business away from 'selling demos' but to diagnosing and prescribing in partnership with the customer. This alone has transformed our win rate."

Mark Edgeworth

Chief Revenue Officer


"WbD launched a transformative program changing the conversations between sales, marketing, customer success and ultimately our customer."

Sheila Haff-Bradley

Sr. Director of Global Sales Ops


"Prior to engaging WbD, each of our customer facing teams "spoke" different languages...WbD has changed all of this, providing playbooks that we own and can implement, along with giving us a common language, stages, and deliverables to manage all stages of our customer journey."

Jon Speer


Greenlight Guru

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"We've already seen improvements in areas like sales productivity (~15% increase in MQL:Win rates within two months). The best in the business! If you're looking to improve your GTM organizational effectiveness, this is the way to go."

Kent Holland

Sr. Director of Sales


"If you haven't checked out their content, do it right now. As a CEO or startup, you should be talking to the team at WbD. It's the best kept secret in training."

Jesse Ouellette

Director of Sales, NA

Unravel Data

"I've worked through other sales training programs in the past and they seem to either focus on abstract concepts or get too in the weeds with little tricks and tips. Where Winning by Design shines is in the process/systems. They speak to each step in the sales process in a scientific way that makes sense and can be visualized."

Nick Siegle

Account Executive


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"The blueprint for being a true sales professional... Their team gives you practical techniques to help your customers quickly and effectively."

James McDonald

Sr. Account Executive


"WBD is in the business of elevating the sales profession to the next level (and doing this with more class and less hype). Grounded in a scientific approach to sales, they tackle advanced topics in SaaS around operations, GTM strategy, and enablement."

Ksenya Ruban

RVP Business Operations

Shape Security

"WbD FTW - Customer-centric sales approach with conversation ninja skills... They have great energy, and if your people spend enough time with them, they’ll get part of that DNA as it’s very hands-on training and not just lectures."

Mariano Suarez-Battan

Co-Founder & CEO


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