About the Course

Learn advanced communication skills and strategies for engaging diverse audiences, utilizing learning theory principles, and role plays for practical application. Gain proficiency in storytelling, feedback delivery, and the use of interactive tools to create compelling and inclusive educational experiences.

After completing this course, frontline managers and revenue enablement teams will be equipped with the skills necessary to lead and facilitate impactful learning sessions that teach, reinforce, and aid in the adoption of key principles and tactics.


Best for:

  • Frontline managers responsible for skill and methodology adoption
  • Revenue enablement professionals and teams looking to grow GTM team alignment

Blended course format:

  • 8 hours LIVE instruction; one 2-hour session each week
  • Delivered via Zoom video conference
  • Exclusive async access to blueprints, videos, and exercises
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Maximum number of learners: 25


$3,500 per seat (all access pass holders granted free seat)
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Learners engage with their certified Trainer in an experiential learning format, with 8 hours of live instruction including role plays, breakouts, and frameworks applied to real-world situations. Each learner receives access to our learning management platform for concept reinforcement through videos and frameworks.


Enhancing Engagement

Enhancing Engagement

Learning Objective: Apply the principles of the 10/20/70 learning model and the Forgetting Curve to enhance learner engagement. Utilize the SSSS Framework (Skill, Scene, Set Up, Start) through role play exercises and breakout room discussions for practical application. Gain proficiency in formulating impactful coaching questions that drive deeper understanding and insights. Discover how to deliver constructive feedback, exploring its layers and effectively integrating it into role play scenarios for a comprehensive learning experience.


Commanding the Room

Commanding the Room

Learning Objective: Discover techniques for immediately capturing attention at the start to set the tone for effective communication. Develop strategies for handling pauses and silence, turning them into powerful tools for emphasis and engagement rather than sources of discomfort. Master the art of politely interrupting, learning how to interject your points effectively without causing offense or disrupting the conversational flow.
Craft memorable closing lines that reinforce your message and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Captivating Attention

Captivating Attention

Learning Objective: Explore techniques and strategies to create engaging stories that connect deeply with your audience, focusing on structure, pacing, and emotional engagement. Apply the concept of pattern interrupt by introducing unexpected elements or questions in your storytelling, effectively capturing and refocusing audience attention. Deepen your understanding of how tone affects message delivery and perception, exploring the nuances of speed, volume, prosody, and the strategic use of silence. Recognize the importance of choosing strategic words to convey your message clearly and powerfully, enhancing the impact of your communication.


Tailoring the Experience

Tailoring the Experience

Learning Objective: Explore the components and structure of an effective facilitator guide that aligns with learning objectives and enhances participant engagement. Master the art of crafting turn-by-turn directions that are both clear and concise, facilitating ease of understanding and engagement among participants. Learn strategies for creating relevant and engaging breakout room tasks designed to foster collaboration and active participation. Maximize the use of breakout rooms for peer learning, facilitating discussions, and problem-solving exercises to enhance the learning experience.

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WbD Blended Learning Course Format

Course Prep- Watch trainer intro video - LMS login and prep work 30-45 min -
Week 1- Live session 2 hours - Online learning exercises 90-120 min -
Week 2 Online learning prep 30-45 min Live session 2 hours - Online learning exercises 90-120 min -
Week 3 Online learning prep 30-45 min Live session 2 hours - Online learning exercises 90-120 min -
Week 4 Online learning prep 30-45 min Live session 2 hours - Online learning exercises & certification 90-120 min -
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Key skills taught in this course

Coaching by Asking Questions
Delivering Feedback
Structuring a Role Play

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When you complete and pass the course exercises, you will receive the following industry-recognized certification that you can post to your LinkedIn profile.

Certified Trainers for this course

Miya Mee-Lee Dias


Patrick McGrann


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