Some of our Customer Success Revenue Architects

David Ellin


Areas of expertise: Customer Success strategies, Customer Success org design, building long-term customer relationships

Beth Yehaskel


Areas of expertise: Customer Success as a profit center, scaling teams, Customer Success org design, Renewal & Expansion motions

Key Principles for Our Customer Success Program

Find the untapped opportunity

The majority of the customer lifetime value comes from after the initial sale; structure your CS team such that you can truly support and nurture this source of growth

Customer Success is a skill

CS isn't just about managing a list of accounts. It's a true craft to understand and communicate with customers.

Skills need to be learned, and nurtured

Help your CSMs and Account Managers be successful; CS training and process design is an investment in the careers of your team, as well as your customers.

Churn is the result, not the cause

Many CS teams have a laser focus on churn, which results in trying to save customers that might already be lost. Instead, for long-term success, inspect and identify the root cause.

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