Growth stagnation to growth acceleration


Logi had a hungry sales team with many reps who were early in their careers. Leading up to the release of the new version of their product, they wanted to optimize the field and get ready for a big growth push, while also focusing on expansion within their existing customer base.



A GTM Diagnostic uncovered some process gaps and skill deficiencies with the team. They began to redesign their sales process and launch the concept of ‘growth pods’ focused on expansion revenue. New process playbooks were designed to give turn-by-turn directions to all of their customer-facing roles (MDR, SDR, ADR, AE, SAM, and CSM).



With a newly defined sales process and growth pods in place to focus on existing accounts, the sales and CS teams were now able to all work according to the same operating system and language. Training and High Impact Coaching armed the team with clear guidance and elevated skills and techniques to be well positioned for their new product release.

Logi Analytics was ultimately acquired after more than doubling their close rate from 11% to 25% in 4 quarters.