Identify and secure expansion and growth opportunities

Most recurring revenue companies have enormous untapped potential and growth, right within their existing customer base. Develop strategies for identifying and closing expansion these opportunities, with specific guidance that every CSM can easily execute across each of their accounts.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Maximized growth from the existing customer base
  • Easily secured expansions from every CSM
  • CSMs are well equipped to turn upset customers into expansion opportunities
  • Well defined roles and responsibilities for collaboration between each revenue function (Customer Success, Account Management, Sales)


  • Specific steps and criteria for identifying expansion opportunities, including a customized Account Planning framework
  • Guidance for CSMs on how to have expansion conversations at key moments throughout the customer journey
  • Trigger Plays that provide turn-by-turn directions for navigating common customer situations as they arise

Key Steps


Gather data

Review best practices on proactive whitespace analysis and finding growth opportunities within accounts


Define the process

Identify and define the internal stages of an expansion deal, whether attached to a renewal cycle or existing stand-alone


Design trigger plays and blueprints

Provide turn-by-turn directions for identifying expansion potential, and blueprints to support account planning and expansion motions



Provide best practice recommendations on how to apply the new processes and resources