Some of our Sales Revenue Architects

Harold Roegiers


Areas of expertise: GTM Diagnostics, Prospecting Playbooks, Sales Playbooks, Discovery Q-Cards, SDR / AE / Manager Training

Owen Brewer


Areas of expertise: GTM Diagnostics, Prospecting / Sales / Expansion Playbooks, initiatives to move upmarket

Key Principles

Recurring revenue is the result of recurring impact

Customers will continue to stay with you, if you continue to deliver them the impact that they are seeking. This means that Sales must be in lock-step with Marketing and CS, with all delivering impact across the entire journey.

Find the key moments that matter in the customer journey

Small improvements in the key moments of the customer journey will lead to significant impact over time. Focus on improving those basic skills.

Customers hate to be sold to...

...but they love to buy. A successful sales team places far more focus on discovery and understanding the customer's pain points, over closing.

The data is in the calls

Many answers to your questions can easily be found by listening to call recordings. You will quickly discover your team's strengths, and opportunities for coaching.

Research & Insights