Make discovery calls more effective by focusing on customer impact

Get the keys to consistent, concise, and high quality discovery calls. Develop actionable messaging for each of your key personas, helping your reps focus on the customer’s specific pain points and their desired impact.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Generate consistent results through pressure-tested communication strategies
  • Stay on-message with a defined discovery call framework
  • Save time by evaluating and qualifying prospects quickly


  • Specific discovery questions and discussion guides to help your reps uncover pain points and effectively guide the conversation
  • Identification of key pain points for each persona that your reps speak with on discovery calls
  • Clearly defined persona overviews and their challenges

Key Steps


Gather data

Review existing persona documentation, customer demographics, and recorded discovery calls


Collaborative working sessions

Meet with key stakeholders and reps to validate personas, and uncover customer pain points and desired impact


Define personas

Create persona Q-cards including interactive questions, pain points, and Pocket Stories


Validate and deliver

Validate with peer review and incorporate feedback to complete the profiles