From SMB to EnterpriseProduct sale to platform sale


Cuebiq was in hyper-growth mode, with lots of opportunity in front of them. They were in the process of moving from a SaaS model to a PaaS (platform-as-a-service) model, and knew that they needed to make several big changes in order to make this transition a successful one.



A Diagnostic revealed several areas that needed to be addressed for the successful transition to a PaaS model: their pricing model needed to be adjusted to align with the new level of value they were providing, their sales team needed to be trained on enterprise-level skills, and their marketing efforts needed to be adjusted, as their inbound marketing machine would not sustain their future growth goals.



The first step was to roll out the foundational SPICED framework across the team; after implementing this directly in their Salesforce instance, they were able to ensure that they entire team was following the customer-centric process. Next, the Cuebiq sales team was trained on enterprise-level skills, which equipped them to sign enterprise-level deals on their new pricing model. They also were able to make the successful transition from an inbound marketing model, to marketing efforts focused entirely on targeted account-based marketing. All of these efforts led to the successful transition to selling PaaS, along with shortening their sales cycle from 6+ months down to 3 months even while switching to a more complex sale.