From SMB to EnterpriseFrom siloed sales function to full Revenue team


BombBomb creates video messaging software for sales teams, helping their clients build relationships with their customers and prospects via email, text, and social media.



With roots in the real estate industry, BombBomb was moving into the SaaS space and experiencing a few challenges with the transition, such as limited skills across the team in outbound prospecting and enterprise deals, higher complexity involved in selling a high velocity SMB product across new segments, high churn of client logos, and no clear process to drive account upsell and expansion.



After standardizing the language and GTM process across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success, they were able to decrease their sales cycle and implement a consistent operating system across all business units.
They also defined an onboarding playbook for their team, integrated into Salesforce, which drove triple the usage rates from some of their most valuable customers.