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RingCentral, a global distributor of cloud-unified communications and collaboration solutions, offers its users with technology services. Chris Waldo, VP of Field and Account Based Marketing, was looking to drive more pipeline and more highly qualified leads into their pipeline.



A Diagnostic revealed a few key gaps: BDRs were not receiving any training focused specifically on prospecting, they did not have a clear process to follow, and they were focused only on volume metrics, leading to low quality leads that were being passed to and ultimately rejected by the AEs.



After defining new processes and addressing skill gaps with training and coaching, Chris was able to identify a lift of 33% in pipeline across the team of 50 BDRs.
The BDRs were certified on both inbound and outbound prospecting skills, and they now had a process and custom playbooks to follow with turn-by-turn directions. All of this was integrated into their enablement platforms to maximize adoption and make it part of their daily workflow.