David Obrand
President | Addepar

Client centricity is at the heart of our acceleration here at Addepar. WbD helped us implement a strategic, measurable unified account based approach across, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.

From rapid growth to sustainable growth


Addepar was experiencing an impressive growth trajectory of 30-40% growth year over year; the company has strong product market fit with nearly zero churn. David Obrand, Addepar’s newly appointed President, had a vision to unify the GTM team around a client-centric mentality; defining a unified account-based model for all Revenue teams to approach their customers in wealth management was key to this vision.



After a few attempts at a unified account based strategy in the past, the team still had significant gaps in truly moving to a unified target account strategy. The team needed rich content and account insights in their marketing and sales process to deliver on the customer-centric approach and to have more effective conversations with their key accounts.

While they had strong brand awareness, they were still not being included in the consideration set of many of their target accounts in the decision process of selecting a wealth management platform.



After working with WbD to develop an account segmentation strategy, David was able to help the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams focus on the best fit accounts that would help them meet their growth targets.

This was complemented with key sales play designs to engage customers in more relevant conversations, with effective touchpoints and updated customer-centric messaging – ultimately helping the GTM team attract, engage, and convert the key buyer personas in their target accounts.