Execute on key moments in the sales process with consistency and precision using a customized sales playbook

Give your team a proven step-by-step sales process and methodology that shows reps how to be customer-centric at every pivotal point in the customer buying process.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • A visual sales process that reps will actually follow
  • Specific turn-by-turn directions at each stage of the process to drive consistency
  • A process that is easy to measure and easy to adhere to

Our sales playbook design includes

  • Customized blueprints that visualize each key moment in your process
  • Identification of clear entry and exit criteria at each stage
  • Best practice recommendations on how to implement the playbook into your team's rhythm and workflow

Key Steps for A Sales Playbook Action Plan


Gather data

Review the existing sales process and associated data; conduct collaborative workshops with your team and key stakeholders


Define the process

Conduct a detailed sales process redesign, including customized blueprints aligning to the key moments in your sales process


Validate the process

Pressure-test the process with review cycles and read-through for all key stakeholders



Provide best practice recommendations on how to implement the playbook, including a 30/60/90 day plan