Make connections with your target accounts

Provide your BDR team with the resources needed for successful prospecting with our sales development playbook. Playbooks match to your business objectives and process — defining your customer segments, inbound and outbound processes — coupled with guidance on how to engage best on proven practices.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Guidance for SDRs so that they understand not just what steps they should take, but why
  • Turn-by-turn actionable directions at each step
  • A process that is repeatable and easy to measure across individuals and teams
  • Steps to ensure smooth handoffs from SDRs to Sales

Our Prospecting Playbook Includes

  • Key metrics definitions
  • Detailed process and turn-by-turn directions at each step
  • Visual blueprints for each key moment

Key Steps in Our Prospecting Services


Gather data

Review existing data and conduct collaborative workshops with your team


Define the process

Create the detailed process, and customize blueprints to align to the key moments in your prospecting process


Validate the process

Pressure-test the process with review cycles and read-through for all key stakeholders