Empower frontline management

Teach frontline managers how to create a coaching culture within their teams, including effective strategies for team meetings, role plays, and call reviews.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Arm managers will the tools they need to be effective
  • Provide for consistency among management and across teams
  • Ensure managers are supporting, encouraging, and growing their teams

Our Frontline Management Playbook Design Includes

  • Strategies for how to run effective 1:1s and team meetings
  • Best practices for role plays and call reviews
  • Tactics for improving the team’s ability to positively impact customers

Key Steps for Our Frontline Management Playbook


Gather data

Review existing procedures and conduct collaborative workshops with frontline managers to learn about their pain points, challenges, and team dynamics


Define the process

Create a detailed process, with customize blueprints to ensure consistent management strategies across multiple scenarios


Validate the process

Pressure-test the process with review cycles and read-through for all key stakeholders



Provide best practice recommendations on how to implement the playbook, including a 30/60/90 day plan