Bring maximum value to every customer interaction

Recurring revenue is the result of recurring impact. Define the key milestones and touchpoints that CSMs should have with new customers to help them continually achieve their desired impact and secure renewals.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • A consistently executed process that drives predictable renewals and minimizes churn
  • Transparent guidance for CSMs to help them understand not just what steps they should take, but why
  • Turn-by-turn actionable directions to guide CSMs to be customer-centric in all of their touchpoints


  • Identification of the key moments that result in clear impact for customers
  • Best practices for common milestones, such as QBRs and renewal meetings
  • Trigger Plays that provide turn-by-turn directions for common customer scenarios

Key Steps


Gather data

Review existing data, touchpoints, renewal cycle, and customer timelines, and conduct collaborative workshops with your team


Define the process

Create the stages and detailed process steps of guidance for how CSMs should manage their accounts to get to impact and manage renewals


Design Trigger Plays

Provide turn-by-turn directions for managing through common risks or opportunities encountered during the customer lifecycle



Provide best practice recommendations on how to apply the new processes and resources