SPICED is a framework that helps you better diagnose your prospects. Just like a doctor, your prescribed solution should help them achieve their desired outcomes—and that prescription requires you to solve the source of their pains, not just the symptoms.

The key to remember:

Focus on the Impact to your customer (or prospect). Keep this in mind and apply this framework to understand your prospect’s background, pains, desired impacts, and how and when they will commit to your solution. You can make use of this framework at any point along the sales cycle: on discovery calls, for handoffs between teams, (e.g., prospecting to sales, sales to customer success), or for summarizing deals during internal forecasting meetings.



Facts, circumstances, and background details about your prospect



The challenges that brought the prospect your way



How you impact your prospect’s business


Critical Event

Deadline to achieve that impact



The process, committee, and criteria involved in purchasing a solution

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