Set up your customers for long term success

Put your customers on the right path after earning their commitment, with a repeatable process that gets them quickly to first value. With proper onboarding and adoption, the groundwork is then laid for future retention and expansion.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Consistently executed handoff from Sales to CS, for a positive customer experience every time
  • Easily secured retention and renewals from every CSM
  • CSMs feel empowered with tools and resources to handle common onboarding challenges


  • Custom blueprints for key moments, such as Business Orchestration and the Kickoff Call
  • Trigger Plays that provide turn-by-turn directions for navigating common customer situations as they arise
  • Success Plans and best practices for how to define your first value moments, and the typical timeline for a customer to get to first value

Key Steps


Gather data

Review existing process from Sales to Onboarding to Customer Success, and conduct collaborative workshops with your team


Define the process

Create a timeline and joint impact plan for key touchpoints and activities that need to happen throughout Onboarding


Design trigger plays and blueprints

Provide turn-by-turn directions for managing through common risks or opportunities encountered during the customer lifecycle



Provide best practice recommendations on how to apply the new processes and resources