Align your GTM executive team to one impact-focused customer journey, and prioritize the opportunities that can impact your business

Apply a standard operating model that reps and FLMs need to execute as one unified org

Upskill reps and FLMs with the key skills that they need to succeed in their roles, with interactive private or public courses

Create behavior change that actually sticks, with active coaching on real customer scenarios and deals

Increase your team’s sales productivity over the long term with scalable, ready-made enablement programs and ongoing public courses

Our Process – Diagnose

Diagnostic Services

Our approach

We use a proprietary framework for evaluating a business, based on the experience of working with hundreds of fast-growing companies. This can be applied to one function (such as ABM or Sales) or to the full customer journey.

The GTM Diagnostic includes the following frameworks to evaluate your current state:

  • Data model for a recurring revenue business
  • Go To Market (GTM) strategies designed to achieve sustainable growth
  • Established process to improve effectiveness
  • Technology to act as the force multiplier and improve efficiencies
  • Skills to implement the GTM using process and use of technology
  • Enablement for the team to assist a customer through their buying journey
  • Organizational structure that enables the team to scale

Our Diagnostic Services


The details

We use a combination of quantitative data analysis and team member interviews to get a clear picture of your current state.

We then distill and visualize this information into key findings, actionable insights, and prioritized recommendations.

We dig deep by analyzing the actual points of value creation — for revenue teams, those points are the conversations with your customers.

We evaluate customer calls and written interactions (email, social) against best practice frameworks.

You come away with an objective review of how your process is actually working, and how your reps are executing against that process.

Everything we do focuses on impact:

  • Prioritized based on the impact it will deliver to your business
  • Complete with strategy + details on how to successfully implement the recommendation
  • Calculated to determine the revenue impact
  • We use this analysis as input into a Prioritization Workshop, where we work with you and your team to determine together which areas to prioritize.

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