When it comes to metrics, here’s the difference between good leaders and great leaders: Good leaders understand what the data is telling them. Great leaders use the data to bring out the best in their teams.

Having the data to back up conversations with your sales reps eliminates unrealistic goal-setting and helps you avoid micromanaging. Don’t talk with your team about results—discuss the metrics that show what they are able to achieve. Make it clear “what” you want, and then leave the “how” up to them.

The metric that your reps probably care about most is revenue. Showing them the data behind revenue helps them understand which levers they can pull to get to their goals. It makes the numbers real for them.

Download the full Metric-Based Leadership blueprint to learn more about using data to motivate your team. It includes a link to our Metrics Calculator, which helps determine what data makes the biggest impact on the results you’re trying to drive.