Underperformance is plaguing SaaS companies everywhere — and the problem is more acute than most revenue leaders realize.
How did we get here? After a long period of overhiring during the “Golden Age of SaaS” (the last ten years or so), rep underperformance is increasing in the current market of shrinking customer budgets.

How acute is this problem? First, your cohort of top performers is shrinking. It used to be that the top 20% of reps were high performers (“superstars”); in 2023, that number has decreased to 4%. And second, it used to be that the bottom 10% of the team were the group of lowest performers, nowhere close to meeting quota. In 2023, that number has increased to 28%.

GTM teams need a solution that drives impact quickly — within 60-90 days. Traditional training will not yield results fast enough. So how do we fix this? The answer lies with the 40% of your team that is sitting just below the ‘normal’ performance line. This is the group that you can lift up.

In this paper, we share how you can get this middle 40% of your sales team to deliver at a normal level to help build toward sustainable growth, including:

  • Why existing, traditional training solutions cannot quickly solve this problem
  • How to design “sprints” focused on incremental improvements that stick and have an outsized impact over time
  • The framework for executing these sprints to ultimately create a process and culture of ongoing improvement and productivity

A Winning by Design Research Paper