The hard data is in – SaaS companies:

⬇️ Are now operating at half the growth rate.
⬆️ Have seen a 1.5x increase in customer acquisition costs.
⬇️ Have their NRR in freefall.

These factors are compounding, and if current trends are any indication, we can expect more to come. It is driving more and more startups and scaleups to act under pressure to boost profitability and increase Free Cash Flow (FCF) margins.

The Dilemma: Use new GTM strategies, or go with what’s already been tried and tested?

Some are chasing larger deals or trying new campaigns like “PLG LeadGen,” while others are betting on AI to help improve emails.

But our take is a lot simpler. We believe the real game-changer lies in refining and scaling proven GTM motions – just fewer of them.

This paper outlines how you can take control of the controllable, by proving why and how you should consolidate GTM motions, structure them efficiently, and focus your resources in 2024 on those motions that drive growth most effectively.

A Winning by Design Research Paper