How To Make A Go To Market Methodology Stick Research Paper

The “Sales Methodology” is not the thing. Impact is the thing. If you are rolling out a Methodology, it’s not to check a box – it’s to drive impact.

How to drive impact? There are two key things to get right:

  1. Picking the right methodology and
  2. Getting it to stick within your organization.

Getting a methodology to stick goes well beyond training. It requires alignment around objectives and metrics, a methodical activation plan, and ongoing measurement and coaching.
This paper outlines a 9-step approach to driving impact by getting your new methodology to “stick.”

Download the paper to understand how to use a Revenue Operating Model to get your methodology to stick.

From this research, you will learn:

  • The difference between a sales methodology and a Revenue Operating Model
  • Why your GTM org is actually a revenue factory, and what implications that has for leadership in managing the factory
  • What to look for when choosing a GTM methodology
  • The key steps to ensure that your chosen methodology actually sticks
  • How to Design, Operate, and Activate your GTM org as efficiently as a factory

A Winning by Design Research Paper