Great things will come to those who meet with people, shake their hands, have lunch, or grab a coffee.

If you’re in search of more pipeline, it’s time for the return of classic Field Sales. For the longest time, Field Sales efforts were reserved for the “Enterprise Sale.” No longer! You can get a ton of value from a field sales trip even in a high-velocity / lower ACV sale.

To maximize the impact of a trip into the Field, keep the following in mind:

#1. RULE: No holes in the agenda. Maximize every single hour that you’re on the ground.

#2. RULE: Write a Field Visit report. Summarize who you met with, your key takeaways and insights, and the follow-up needed. You are the eyes and ears into the region – so share what you’ve learned with the rest of your team.

#3. RULE: Switch it up, keep it casual. It’s not just about formal meetings in offices; often the best connections are made and the most important insights are shared in a more informal setting. Meet a customer for coffee on their commuting route. Go for a run with a prospect in the evening.

And the work is not done once the trip is over…share the love the customers express for your product. Relay the compliment a customer gave to the CS crew. Provide insights into new requests you are hearing. And take photos with your customers – share them on Slack for the rest of the company. Motivate the company with the energy you picked up in the Field.