Growth stagnation to growth accelerationSuperstar sales culture to data-driven sales culture


Citadel is a messaging app for CAC 40 companies (the 40 largest equities listed on the Euronext Paris). It is a startup company of ~100 employees within the larger Thales Group.



The company was going through an intense period of planning and restructuring of their GTM engine.

Laurent Duquesne, Citadel CEO, knew that they needed a scientific sales process to accelerate their growth.


By undergoing a GTM Diagnostic, Laurent was able to identify the key growth levers that would help them to be successful. From there, they created a custom Sales Playbook to establish and clarify the roles, process and account-based cadences for efficient outreach to target accounts. Training & High Impact Coaching helped cement SPICED as the consistent methodology across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.