Product sale to platform saleFrom rapid growth to sustainable growth


OwnBackup was going through extreme transformation across the organization. They had a rapidly growing sales team – from 125 to 200 by EOY – and a new CRO. The org was in the process of shifting from a single product-focused sales motion to a more strategic platform sale. They were also experiencing rapid revenue growth, with strong tailwinds from the growth of their Salesforce ecosystem and recent transition to the cloud and remote work.



While such growth was positive, it also caused lots of pain. They realized that their current infrastructure would not properly equip the team to meet their aggressive growth goals and scale. On the Sales side, they were converting opportunities at a high rate, but their infrastructure was not built to sustain this at higher growth rates. Processes suited to fit a smaller company, inadequate data to aid decisions, and growing complexity were preventing them from being able to scale properly. In addition, a lack of bandwidth to implement prevented them from using a consistent methodology, deploying modern training, or implementing the proper workflows into their tech stack across all Revenue teams.



OwnBackup exceeded their 2021 revenue goal as a company by August 2021 and the majority of their reps hit their numbers in July and August. OwnBackup also raised an additional $450M in funding, saw their average sales cycle lengths decrease, average revenue per deal increase, and overall company churn reduce.

They did this through uncovering issues via a GTM Diagnostic performed by WbD. Shortly after, OwnBackup began the process of co-creating content for their team with WbD. They created SDR and CS playbooks, sales-ready messaging, and personas to enable the entire Revenue team. They also implemented the customer-centric SPICED operating model so that their customers would have a consistent experience throughout their entire customer journey. This operating model unified the organization with a consistent process and language, and equipped each of the teams with tools to assist customers along their buying journeys. 

The leadership at OwnBackup then fortified their investment by empowering their front line managers to learn how to become coaches for their teams, and by implementing the SPICED methodology in core systems. The SPICED framework has become so popular with the team that it became a crucial part of OwnBackup’s culture.