Growth stagnation to growth acceleration


Mirion, a provider of nuclear measurement and detection systems, launched a new product into the market called AccuRad. This product is a personal radiation detector designed to protect the public from dangers of radiation. Due to changes in the market, Mirion’s direct total addressable market (TAM) shrank and AccuRad underperformed.


In an effort to drive more pipeline and free up the AEs’ time to close deals, VP of Marketing Matt Maddox set up a new inside sales/BDR function. However, there was little process or messaging in place to target accounts in a programmatic way. Matt brought in Winning by Design to identify opportunities to achieve and exceed revenue goals and identify a new Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).


Through Winning by Design’s GTM Diagnostic, Matt and his leadership team discovered that the traditional GTM motion, split between direct sales and selling through distributors, was no longer effective. Across the key metrics of ACV, Velocity, and CAC, Mirion’s direct sales were not nearly as profitable as their partner sales/distributor channel. With that knowledge, Matt and his team were able to switch focus and double down on their distributor motion to increase revenue from the AccuRad product.

To support this focus, the Mirion reps used Discovery QCards for guidance on how to have even more productive discovery calls with their target distributors. Matt and his leadership team collaborated with WbD Revenue Architects to create a Sales Playbook that gave the team common turn-by-turn directions and metrics to follow. The team also created a new Account Based Strategy to identify key buyers, an updated target audience, and clarify the true impact of AccuRad.

Going through this exercise helped their team realize they should shift their focus to the higher education market to improve sales performance. After implementing this shift in strategy, Matt was later promoted to CRO to continue the strategic expansion of the product and its success.