From rapid growth to sustainable growthGrowth stagnation to growth acceleration


The team at EHS Insight was seeing strong revenue growth, but at the same time experiencing a lot of lost deals. They knew that they could be capturing more of this demand. They needed to solve for this in order to meet aggressive future revenue targets.



Win rates were at an all time low, and it was difficult to figure out patterns behind why reps were losing deals. To address the drop in win rates, their VP of Sales rolled out a few key initiatives with Winning by Design:

1) training for the sales team, focusing on core skills including customer-centric discovery and closing
2) clearly defining the go to market motion to align with their customer journey using playbooks with turn-by-turn directions
3) defined personas, conversation cards and case study stories to give clear guidance on the effective discovery questions reps should ask their prospects, and the impactful customer stories that they could tell in order to prove the impact that they could deliver to their customers



Within one quarter, the key leading indicators (such as sales activities) were already trending up, and within two quarters, all of their core KPIs significantly improved.

The resources such as playbooks and conversation cards gave the team much higher confidence on customer calls, more effectively selling their platform.

This confidence, defined process and higher morale across the team translated into strong improvements in all of the following metrics:

  • 65% increase in sales meetings
  • 9% increase in average deal size
  • Faster time to book demos
  • 5% increase in win rate
  • 126% increase in connected calls with prospects
  • 123% increase in sales activities completed (emails, calls, notes, tasks, supporting each other in demos)
  • Met aggressive revenue targets for H1
  • Closed the largest deal in the company history