The scientific operating model for your GTM

To achieve durable growth, the GTM team must apply the fundamental principles and frameworks of recurring revenue.

The Revenue Architecture Design applies these frameworks to your GTM so that sales, marketing, and customer success are all aligned to a common language and common customer journey — including key metrics mapped out on the Bowtie Data Model, GTM motions identified and prioritized, and Growth Model opportunities defined for the future.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • One united GTM org, aligned to a common operating model, metrics, and process
  • Ability to measure each stage of the GTM across the customer journey, pre-sale and post-sale, in order to drive continuous improvement
  • Customer Impact at the center of all GTM activities (sales, marketing, customer success)

Our Revenue Architecture Design includes

  • Alignment on Impact and Critical Events for your customers
  • Application of the Bowtie Data Model and your key metrics
  • Recommended GTM models and associated goals
  • Prioritized 30-60-90 day play to reach the next stage of Growth