Help your managers increase revenue productivity by focusing on deal and skills coaching

Enable your sales and CS managers with the playbooks, operating cadence, and skills to perform effective deal reviews and skills coaching. Let us help you execute the program — or use our materials to do it yourself.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Leverage your managers to drive change in the organization
  • Upskill your managers to be better coaches
  • Improve overall rep performance on new and expansion deals
  • Increase percentage of AEs, AMs, and CSMs that hit quota

Our Frontline Manager Program includes

  • Playbooks: Manager Coaching Performance Playbook & Manager Opportunity Management Playbook
  • Operating Cadence: Tailored operating cadence of what to do when, with clearly defined team and individual meetings
  • Manager Training and Coaching: Managing for Impact & Managing for Leadership

Key Steps for Frontline Manager Program


Gather data

Define key manager inspection questions and key skills for each stage in your customer journey


Define the process

Set expectations around your operating cadence on a quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis


Validate the process

Provide your managers with the paint-by-numbers materials and skills to be more effective in their jobs