A sales process design that gives your team a sales playbook with turn-by-turn directions.

Align your team to a customized go-to-market process with detailed sales playbooks for each role. Including easy-to-follow processes, visualized blueprints, and turn-by-turn directions for each step.

Sales Process Design Features


  • Custom defined process (for Sales, Customer Success, or Account Based Marketing)
  • SaaS Sales Playbooks including visual blueprints for each key moment in the process
  • Sales-ready messaging and actionable persona cards
  • Design of your organizational structure including pod design, KPIs, compensation plans, recommended remote tool stack, and hiring plans


3-4 weeks

Key Principles of Sales Process Strategy

A small 10% improvement at the seven key moments in the sales process yields 2x the results.

Sustainable growth is achieved when the following key elements are aligned and supported: GTM model, Organization, Enablement, Skills, Technology, Process, and Data.

All designs and recommendations are customer-centric and designed to deliver impact and sustainable growth.