Use an Account Based Marketing Strategy to focus your GTM team on the prospects most likely to become your next best customers


Account Based Marketing Strategy

By analyzing your current account list and capabilities, we’ll identify areas to accelerate growth – both immediately and over the long-term.


  • Target account list creation: Ideal Customer Profile analysis, market map, tiered account structure, and ongoing list maintenance guidance
  • Account team design: Team pod design to build pipeline against your sets of accounts
  • Account team orchestration: Design of weekly meeting structure and tools to create alignment between marketing and sales
  • Measurement: Dashboard design, growth model design, and KPIs for successful migration to account based motions
Using Account Based Strategy to bring focus on the best leads.
Account Based Strategy
Playbook Design using Account Based Strategy

Account Based Marketing Playbook Design

Design end-to-end account based marketing plays to build direct pipeline and revenue, including cadences and templates for each customer touchpoint.


  • Design end-to-end account based marketing plays and assets
  • Account awareness coverage
  • Account based prospecting templates
  • Play orchestration across teams

Remote Account Based Workshop

Bring your team together to define your account based working model and how to orchestrate activities across the team.

Workshop designed to help sales and marketing teams
collaborate effectively using an account based model. This workshop includes:

  • Account based planning
  • Account based engagement
  • Account based marketing plays
Account Based Marketing
Remote Account Based Strategy

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