Achieve sustainable growth through Customer Success

Customer Success SPICED

Create a consistent, customer-centric success process

Help your customers achieve the impact they’re looking for

Reduce churn and drive more renewals

Give your CSMs and Account Managers the fundamental skills for success

Expand your most strategic accounts

Transform customers into lifetime advocates


Playbook Design

Achieve greater consistency with customized Customer Success playbooks that give your CSMs and Account Managers turn-by-turn directions at each step of the process.

We design playbooks for all aspects of the customer journey:

Example key deliverables:

  • Customer Onboarding Playbook
  • Customer Nurture Playbook
  • Customer Renewal Playbook
  • Account Expansion Playbook
  • Price Increase/Platform Upgrade Playbook
  • Custom blueprints for each CS process step
  • Hand-off process
  • Joint impact plan
  • QBR/EBR process
  • Account planning templates
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Email nurture cadence and call scripts


Half or full-day workshops improve your team’s customer communications, identify key moments in your customer lifecycle, and provide live training for customer-facing roles.

Focus areas include:

  • Strategic, customer-centric conversations
  • How to manage difficult conversations
  • Running smooth hand-offs from Sales to CS
  • Driving renewals
  • How to grow accounts using question-based selling

Sample workshop agenda

8:30am Welcome Executive Intro
8:45am Introduction Keynote by Winning by Design
9:15am ACE & End Goal Activity How to have effective customer meetings
9:45am Break Stretch, chat, refill your coffee!
10:00am Difficult Conversations How to handle difficult conversations in Customer Success
10:30am Impact Understanding Emotional and Rational Impact
11:15am Diagnose Persona-based conversation that drives impact
12:00pm Lunch Fuel up!
12:30pm SPI Activity Using Situation, Pain, and Impact questions specific to each persona by building Qcards
1:00pm Critical Event It is the customer's date to accomplish a major event that drives the process
1:45pm Ending Activity Reflecting on the day
2:00pm Workshop End

Training & Coaching

Customer Success Training

Learn proven methods for effective customer communication and how to orchestrate key moments in the customer success journey, including the hand-off from Sales, the kick-off call, and managing customer conflict.

Offered as a custom course and a public course.

Customer Expansion Training

Train your CSMs and Account Managers to apply their customer-centric skills to drive recurring impact and account growth. This course specifically focuses on how to facilitate renewal and retention conversations with your current customers.

Executive Coaching

We offer executive coaching for Customer Success Managers and leaders on topics including team management, handling escalations and difficult customer conversations, and management through change.

Customer Success Assessment

Identify ways to improve your adoption and expansion rates with a review of your current CS process.

Customer Success Process Design

Build a customer-centric process based on existing successes to drive consistency across your team.

Organizational Pod Design

Create an efficient organizational design for your team to best serve your customers with the right level of coverage.

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