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Peter Street

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"However Beautiful the Strategy, You Should Occasionally Look at the Results"-Winston Churchill

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Prospecting Sequence DesignCoaching Content Writing

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My key points of advice to Revenue leaders

  • Prospecting Process – Relevance and Persistence: A simple combination, but you’ll need to give your team the time and direction to research a prospect adequately. Then let them take that time investment and work that contact for longer,
  • Prospecting Skills – Customer Stories: Give your team a library of customer stories to quote from. It’ll organically provide your team with empathy, understanding, relevance, demonstrable impact and a way to overcome objections.
  • Prospecting Tools – Sales Automation tools are a double edge sword. If not used correctly, you’ll quickly burn through your TAM with irrelevant messaging and squander any efficiency gains. Leverage strongly for coaching and measure closely.

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