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Remote Selling skills training and executive workshops


Executive Workshop: Transformation to Remote Sales & Customer Success

This online workshop provides your executive team with a roadmap for quickly and smoothly transitioning your team from enterprise field sales to remote sales.

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Workshop Agenda:

1. Explain the challenges in the current Go To Market framework

  • Map your existing Sales and Customer Success processes, and outline which aspects can be transitioned from in-person to remotely delivered
  • Learn which online tools can act as a force multiplier for your existing processes to create effective lead-to-close activities
  • Transformation of in how to manage an online meeting
    Enablement of the remote field sales and customer success teams

2. Share insights we have gained

  • Share relevant use-cases based on your buyer’s journey
  • Review the do’s and don’ts of the online world
  • Demonstrate best practices in tech-enablement process optimization that can yield both cost savings and increased sales
  • Learn the instrumental role of Front Line Managers in managing this transformation

3. Highlight the specific application to three departments

  • ABM campaigns to generate pipeline as an alternative to industry events
  • Sales techniques in an online world
  • Customer Success techniques that save costs and increase net retention

4. Determine an action plan to kickstart the transformation to Remote Selling

Included for all workshop attendees:
Online Selling for Sustainable Growth

Price: $5,000 (up to 20 executive attendees)


Core Skills for Successful Remote Selling & Customer Success

For effective remote selling and customer success, team members must learn new ways of facilitating stakeholder conversations, customer impact reviews, online demos, and more. Winning by Design has helped some of the world’s largest companies create effective remote sales and customer success experience.

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Training Curriculum:

  1. Setup of your remote work environment
  2. Leveraging online tools
  3. How to conduct a perfect remote discovery meeting
  4. How to develop relationships online
  5. How to run an online demo
  6. How to perform an online stakeholder meeting
  7. How to build a proposal in an online world
  8. How to run effective remote team meetings

Included for all workshop attendees:
Online Selling for Sustainable Growth

Note that all training sessions can be delivered across APAC, LATAM, EMEA and North America, and in 6 different languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, French and Flemish/Dutch) supported by our regional offices.

Price: $25,000 (up to 24 participants)

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