• Winning by Design and Pavilion are partnering to make gold standard recurring revenue training available to Pavilion members
  • The popular “Revenue Architecture for Revenue Leaders” course will be made available to Pavilion Executive members at no cost
  • Pavilion members will get seamless access to register for the entire Winning by Design Revenue Academy course catalog
  • The partnership with also involve collaboration on promotional offerings, exclusive access to new materials and courses, events, and thought leadership content

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – March 9, 2023 – Winning by Design, he leader in accelerating and optimizing recurring revenue, and Pavilion, the essential community-powered learning platform, are announcing a new partnership today aimed at expanding the resources and skills training available to Pavilion members. The highlight of the partnership includes making Winning by Design’s popular “Revenue Architecture for Revenue Leaders” course available to Pavilion Executive members at no cost.

“We’re excited to take our partnership with the Pavillion team and community to the next level,” says Winning by Design CEO, Dominique Levin. “In the current turbulent market, B2B revenue organizations are facing plummeting win rates, crippling customer indecision, sky high discounting, and mounting churn. With limited access to capital, executives could greatly benefit from a data-driven approach to architecting sustainable growth and revenue productivity. Together with Pavillion, we’re committed to providing resources that help executives and teams to make quick, incremental improvements.”

As part of the partnership, Pavilion members will also have seamless access to the entire Winning by Design Revenue Academy catalog, including courses on Selling, Prospecting, Customer Success, Managers Becoming Coaches, and much more. These courses allow executives to roll out targeted initiatives to increase win rates, overcome customer indecision, reduce discounting, and increase customer retention and expansion. Members will also get exclusive and advanced access to promotional offerings, new materials and courses, and thought leadership content.

“Winning by Design offers the gold standard in recurring revenue training and consulting,” says Pavilion CEO, Sam Jacobs. “Our members have been clamoring for more access to their curriculum and courses. The synergies between our two companies are strong, which makes it easy to create and commit to a partnership that delivers incredible value to go-to-market leaders.”

The two companies will announce the partnership in-person today at Pavilion’s CMO Summit event in San Francisco. There are plans for continued event collaboration, content creation, and other offerings as the year progresses.

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Winning by Design (WbD) is a global B2B revenue consulting and training company that enables recurring revenue teams to architect sustainable growth. Leveraging its experience with high-growth companies, WbD applies scientific frameworks and proven models to help sales, marketing, and customer success teams at B2B companies and global enterprises maximize their impact. WbD has reinvented the traditional sales funnel with disruptive customer-centric frameworks and methodologies, including the Bow Tie Data Model and the SPICED Methodology, all of which can be accessed open source. Founded in 2012, WbD is a fully remote company, serving 600+ leading organizations around the world.


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BenchSights provides a software and data platform purpose-built for benchmarking. BenchSights’ approach replaces the manual, two-step process of surveys-followed-by-static reports with engaging applications which automate critical parts of the process for users and sponsors and delivers benchmarks instantly. See how it works for SaaS Sales organizations at https://benchsights.com. The platform is also available to third parties looking to establish their benchmarking applications through “Powered by BenchSights” licensing.


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