Product-Led growth to enterpriseGrowth stagnation to growth acceleration


M-Director is an Email Service Provider (ESP) in a highly competitive market. To date, their growth had come primarily from product-led growth, and they were looking to move upmarket from prosumers to SMB and Mid-Market accounts.


Lead quality from their existing PLG motions / free trials was quite low, leading to several issues throughout the sales process: churn was very high, and they weren’t sure which messaging was resonating with customers. M-Director also didn’t have a clear sales process or consistent data model in place, and were lacking a defined ICP in the new target market that they wanted to go after.


After defining their new ICP and implementing updated messaging, M-Director saw the quality of their leads and lead conversion quickly improve. In order to enable the transition from PLG to larger accounts, they implemented a demand gen process with defined lead scoring, A/B testing to decrease cost per lead, and a clear sales process with the SPICED framework so that the Sales team could handle prospects in a consistent way, and focus on the right prospects that had a higher chance of converting into paid customers.