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Melissa Huggett

If we were meeting face to face right now, I’d most definitely have a giant smile on my face and would be keen to get to know you. Discovering common threads and making meaningful connections is an art, and a skill I continue to hone every day.

Since we aren’t yet engaged in a good conversation, I’ll share a bit more about myself: I’m a ball of energy, a positive thinker and a natural maximizer. I’m a sales leader with over 15 years of experience working in the adult learning, education & leadership development space. I am passionate about connecting people, products and solutions. I get particularly pumped when I can help my team or colleagues connect the dots in order to realize their own success.

My experience has greatly enriched both my selling and management styles, in several critical ways:
– The value of good client discovery
– The importance of leading with humility
– The power of empathy and vulnerability
– The complexities of navigating change
– and the importance of asking “why”
…all while delivering impact and results.

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