Get significant lift in rep performance in just 8 weeks, using a focused system of upskilling

An Impact Sprint is a hyper-focused 8-week program that zeroes in on improving one key skill for an outsized impact on rep performance. The skill is mapped out with managers and measured using real customer calls. It’s a collaborative, data-driven system of upskilling, that any team can repeat on an ongoing basis, to achieve a significant lift in performance.

Impact you’re looking for:
  • Measurable and significant improvement on a key skill within 8 weeks
  • Laser focus on the specific skills that will drive revenue growth
  • Clear and focused initiative that will drive quick impact
  • A system of upskilling that is easily replicable and repeatable each quarter

Our Impact Sprint design includes

  • Key Moment design: Identify and focus on the key moments or rep skills that will make an impact on your revenue
  • Clear guidance and engagement of FLMs: Align your FLMs to the program, showing them what good looks like and how to coach their reps
  • Training and coaching: Focused training on targeted skills, with one 2-hour training session and three 1-hour coaching sessions to apply the skills to real-life customer calls
  • Measurement and impact tracking: See the team’s progress with leading and lagging indicators that drive toward success

Key Steps for Impact Sprints


Gather data

Define leading and lagging indicators that indicate measurable and meaningful improvement


Define the process

Develop bespoke Turn-by-Turn Directions to guide reps on calls


Validate the process

Train & Coach the team on custom turn-by-turn directions for 5 weeks using real-life customer calls



Conduct weekly call reviews, reporting on progress on leading indicators