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Rachel Sasser

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"Everything in moderation, including moderation."-Oscar Wilde

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Where I'm traveling, what I'm cooking, places I'm eating, the best beaches, and how I quit my job as a lawyer, married a British guy, and fell into the digital nomad lifestyle


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My key points of advice to Revenue leaders

  • Really get to know your customers. If you don’t understand your target buyers, you can’t speak to them on their level and intelligently about things they care about. If you don’t know them, interview some of your best ones and write down what they say.
  • Storytelling is one of the single best ways to improve your team’s sales skills. People remember stories much better than they remember pitches about your features, functionality, or stats. Customer stories will drive home the impact your solution can deliver in a way that resonates and sticks.
  • Co-collaboration with your team is key to ensuring adoption of any new standards or process changes. Figure out what works and what doesn’t, and incorporate their best practices while you fix what’s broken. If you make your team feel they had a hand in creating the new process – rather than foisting it upon them – you’re much more likely to see adoption and success.

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