Revenue Architects

Andrew Parry

Favorite quote:

"Tell me how you measure me and I will tell you how I will behave."-Eliyahu Moshe Goldratt

Ask me about:

I love to see how people interact with and use products and services. I love to uncover those answers through both quantative and qualitative means - the joy of exploration is getting to know different people and different groups. Ask me about customer experiences and their journeys, and you might want to sit down for awhile.

I love to talk about skiing, hiking, road biking, my four kids who are growing up too fast, or my wife's incredible achievements.


My key areas of expertise

Revenue Architecture GTM Diagnostics GTM Strategy Growth ModelingData architecture/frameworks

Some of my clients

My experience prior to WbD

My key points of advice to Revenue leaders

  • You are what you measure
  • You do not have all the answers
  • Action for action’s sake is not useful energy
  • When you understand the journey a customer (buyer) takes, you understand where to start asking questions